SIFTMedia 215

Black & Latinx Women Filmmakers Collective of Philadelphia

Who are we?

SIFTMedia 215 (Sisters in Film & Television) is a support system of several independent media artists who work in the Philadelphia metropolitan area and provide a community of support for socially conscious women identified filmmakers. Our goal at SIFTMedia is to amplify the work and create opportunities for Black and Latinx Women content creators.

SIFTMedia 215 Live! Fall 2020

This screening series is a counter-narrative of Black and Latinx life in Philadelphia. During these challenging times of COVID-19 and social reckoning, SIFTMedia 215 Live! provides a space for people from throughout the Philadelphia region to share, discuss, and debate how we all can better serve our beloved communities.

Mark you calendars for Thursdays, September 10th through October 29th at 7PM EST!

How can we support?

We are always looking to collaborate and support other Black and Latinx women in film! If you are interesting in being an ally, please contact us or make a donation.