– Co-Founder Yolonda Johnson-Young, March 2019

At a meeting in March of 2019, as part of HipCinema Labs weekly co-work meet up at Mt. Airy Nexus, a group of five Black women filmmakers- Tatiana Bacchus, Martha Conley, Yolonda Johnson-Young, Nadine Patterson and Stephanie Malson- decided to gather their resources and form a collective to support each other as independent socially conscious filmmakers.

SIFTMedia 215 is a support system of several independent media artists who work in the Philadelphia metropolitan area and provide a community of support for socially conscious women identified filmmakers. Our goal at S.I.F.T. Media is to amplify the work of and create opportunities for Black and Latinx Women content creators.

It is not a secret that Black Women filmmakers are grossly underfunded in cinema and television. Despite this fact, we still create, by any means necessary!

SIFTMedia 215 is part of HipCinema Labs, a media arts incubator in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We receive funding through our fiscal conduit Fractured Atlas. Please consider making a donation today. Thank you!

Our screening series SIFTMedia 215 LIVE! project has been supported by the Pennsylvania Humanities Council, the Federal­-State Partner of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

For our 2020 season, the SIFTMedia 215 project is supported by the Independence Public Media Foundation.