RECAP – HOW TO SWING A HAMMER: Basic Tool Use and Woodworking Skills

As part of our continuing personal and professional development workshops, we welcomed Renaissance Woman Alexis Thompson to teach a basic woodworking and tool handling class for set & home use.  She did a fantastic job with our little work crew, we each got to build a flat and everyone left feeling more confident with the items in a tool box and use of power tools!

See below mini video excerpts of our day at Asian Arts Initiative.

Thank you also to the SIFTers and Eventbrite Guests who joined the fun!


DATE: Saturday, May 6, 2023

TIME: 1:00 – 3:00pm

VENUE: Asian Arts Initiative (1219 Vine St.  Phila PA 19107)

Looking to boost your confidence in a supportive and creative environment?

Whether you want to get into film or stage set building or just want to make improvements in your home, this workshop will get you started and familiar with the basic tools, techniques, and trade tips to start your new project.

The goals of this workshop are to go over the contents of a tool kit that will provide its user with basic building capabilities for set and home use. We will cover what different tools are for, variations and applications for various tools, and complimentary equipment one needs for safe material and tool handling.

We will cover the proper use and handling of each tool, and we will apply our familiarity with the hammer, drill, and driver to assemble a mockup of a temporary wall for a set, a flat.

1. Overview of Tools – from Hammers to Vise Grips, Putting together a tool kit

2. Introduction to Tool Use:

Saws, Circular Saws and Chop Saws – Parts, Handling, Use

Hammer- Parts, Handling, Use

Drills and Drivers – Parts, Handling, Use

3. Building Applications Building a Flat: a look at how flats are designed and built

4. Putting skills together: Assembling a panel frame Facing the panel

Drilling, driving, and using anchors

Note on Ticket Pricing:

SIFTERS, this one can’t be free for Members as the $20 covers the cost of the materials.

All Attendees are encouraged to pay $35 where $15 would go to SIFT. But this is only should you feel so inclined 🙂 Thank you!


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