“Listen to What I Say”: Navigating the Business, Art and Challenges of Film & Mediamaking

SIFTER Eboni Zamani has taken on the creation and collection of Arts and Culture Advocacy Data. This Analysis Survey Project looks specifically at the experiences of black and brown female filmmakers in Philadelphia and the surrounding area, or those who may reside in other parts of the country but had original roots in Philadelphia.

EZ_headshot2In the past two years, we’ve heard a lot about the challenges, successes and frustrations of Philly Black and Brown Women Filmmakers. SIFT wants to better understand how to move the conversation forward.

I have created the survey and am in need of 40 participants. I will be confidentially collecting the information submitted. I will create a report on the findings and present it digitally via SIFT at a later date. Please take a moment to complete the survey and share it with others who may be willing to participate. It is comprehensive and will give us the information we need to support advocacy for all of us throughout the region and abroad. 
Eboni Zamani Strategy & Research Consultant for SIFT

Examples of Survey Questions


Thank you.  The aim of collecting this data is to have tangibles to present when talking to Funders, Foundations and the City while advocating for support. 


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