RECAP: Metaphysical Cinematography Translating Emotions into Moving Images

SIFTER Nadine Patterson did double duty this month. First, hosting a SIFT Members Only Cinematography Workshop in-person!  First time most members have seen each other in over a year. 

Members were encouraged to bring their own camera and lens  for a DSLR Walkabout in beautiful Mt. Airy to film and discuss techniques for capturing landscapes and B roll. 

All SIFT Members have access to the Collective’s Black Magic Pocket Cinema 4K Camera and DZO 20mm to 70mm lens.  However,  since it was purchased during the Pandemic, most members haven’t had a chance to shoot with it yet.  Nadine gave a good overview of the camera’s features  and best practices.

Secondly Nadine led our Free Virtual  Filmmaker’s Workshop Open to the Public called Metaphysical Cinematography: Translating Emotions into Moving Images.  It was a beautiful & informative look into Cinematography with some technical aspects, but more importantly, Nadine encouraged attendees to  take an emotional look behind the camera.

Check out video excerpt of the evening: 


Date: Thursday, June 17, 2021
Time: 7-8:45pm

Place: Virtual Workshop (Zoom)


This 90-minute workshop is a chance for Directors who also are Cinematographers to share their insights and experiences behind the camera. This open discussion on how to use the medium of film to capture emotion, story, character and place is for the intermediate filmmaker who has made one or more digital films and has an interest in exploring their craft.

Filmmaker Nadine Patterson will share her lessons from four masters of cinematography (people she learned from or worked with in real life and whose films/work she loves):

MIKE BOYER: KYW TV’s First Black Cameraman, Founder of CommiComp a non-profit media arts center that trained a generation of people of color, and women in the television news and documentary industry from 1972-1978. Director of Photography for ANNA RUSSELL JONES: PRAISESONG FOR A POINEERING SPIRIT .

LEMAR WILLIAMS: Instructor at Scribe Video Center and Co-Director and Cinematographer for BLACK & BLUE.

JACK CARDIFF: DP for BLACK NARCISSUS, THE RED SHOES, and many other classic B&W and Technicolor films. IMDB Page


Nadine Patterson, Independent Producer HipCinema and Co-Founder SIFTMedia 215 Collective.


The SIFTMedia 215 Collective is a cooperative that centers Black and Latinx women-identified independent media artists who work in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. As filmmakers, we seek to educate ourselves and the wider community by creating socially conscious, culturally relevant work that challenges mainstream narratives and structures. Our mission is to use our collective strength to amplify the work of and create meaningful opportunities for Black and Latinx Women content creators by providing a community of support to share resources, skills, and creative space.

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