10.22.2020 at 7PM| LoveNowMedia:

Thursday, October 22th, 2020 at 7pm EST

Register here: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/siftmedia215-live–fall

Love Now Media is an empathy-centered media company that uses storytelling to advocate for social justice and wellness.Through her company, Founder & Chief Storyteller Jos Duncan produces media focused on compassion, solidarity, and love.

Eyeconz (5:47 min) dir. Jos Duncan  

Choosing fam over glam, Jazmine A. Smith founded the Philadelphia based field hockey and lacrosse team and trains them to play, and to love and affirm themselves. 

For the Love of Black Girls(12:00) dir. Jos Duncan 

Fearing for their safety, the girls of Eyekonz Field Hockey and Lacrosse team were encouraged not to join protests during the civil unrest following the murder of George Floyd. Instead, Coach Jaz led the girls to form a legal coalition, learn to write policy reform, and organize their own march to advocate for the lives of Black women and girls.

Love Yourself Through It (5:37 min) dir. Jos Duncan

Performance Artist Nikki Powerhouse tells her revolutionary love story of her journey to self-love. 

Preceded by…

Dear Life (4:40 min) dir. Jasmin Carter produced through the Via Lux Teen Media Collective 

This short narrative chronicles a day in the life of a quirky girl who is forced to grow up fast due to society’s expectations.

The screenings will be followed by a Zoom Q & A with the filmmakers and a discussion with Nicole Blockson, Executive Director of Love Now Media. 

Jos Duncan is a multimedia producer, social entrepreneur, and public speaker. She is the founder of Love Now Media, a non-profit social enterprise, and Love Now Tech, a technology consulting agency. Both operate with a mission to build empathy through impact strategy, participatory design, and storytelling.  She has consulted for start-ups, non-profit organizations, museums, and artists to develop brands and produce projects from conception through completion.

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