10.08.2020 at 7PM | Permission Granted: SIFTMedia 215 Grantwriting Workshop

Thursday October 8, 2020, 7pm EST

Registration Link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/permission-granted-siftmedia-215-grantwriting-workshop-tickets-122086980445?aff=erelpanelorg

Grants are a great way to jumpstart a film project and garner support for your work. Learn how to navigate the process and get the money!

Never leave free money on the table. Grants are an excellent way to jumpstart a film project and garner support for your work. But many independent filmmakers are reluctant about the process. Have you applied for grant? Do you hate asking people for money? If you answered YES or NO, to the previous questions, this workshop is for you!

How do you describe an unusual project to a potential funder? How do you decide how much to ask for? How do you determine which fund to apply to, or who to ask for support? In this SIFTMedia 215 Live Grantwriting Workshop, we will explore these issues.

If you are interested in taking the workshop, please send your name, a brief project description, and general budget overview to siftmedia215@gmail.com, with SIFTMedia 215 Live Grantwriting Workshop in the subject header.

SIFTMedia 215 Live Grantwriting Workshop:

  • Learn Your Own Story by Practicing Your Elevator Pitch (for Individual and Institutional Funders)
  • Researching potential funders
  • What is a fiscal conduit and why you should have one
  • Outline for creating a proposal
  • Meet your peers, learn from them, and create community
  • Create strategies for laying the groundwork to know your funders

If time permits, these are other topics we will cover:

  • How to make a timeline for your project and a grant cycle calendar
  • Making a low, medium and high budget for your project
  • Crafting a bio and work sample that showcases your talent
  • Creating a team that appeals to funders and works well for you and your project
  • Keys to writing a proposal that is engaging
  • How to assemble the elements you need to apply for grants

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