‘Finding Elijah’ on WHYY TV 12 Tues 9/29 @ 7:30pm EST

Yolonda Johnson-Young, writer and director of ‘Finding Elijah’, grapples with her son’s suicide by making a powerful film .

Tune in tonight for the Broadcast Premiere of the award winning ‘Finding Elijah’ on WHYY TV-12 Philadelphia: Tuesday, September 29th, 7:30pm EST.

On September 10th, 2020, Suicide Awareness Day, Mike and Alex speak with Yolonda Johnson-Young, mother and filmmaker who lost her son, an aspiring filmmaker himself, to suicide.

Yolonda participated in GOOD PITCH PHILLY (9/16/20) and discussed her next film ANOTHER LIFE: A BLACK FAMILY IN WITSEC.

Based upon the childhood experiences of filmmaker Yolanda Johnson-Young WITSEC––the Witness Security Program––provides for the security and safety of government witnesses. As a child in the years 1977-79, filmmaker Yolanda Johnson-Young’s family was part of that program. Following up her short doc directing debut, “Finding Elijah (Good Pitch Local Philly 2018) Johnson-Young crafts a journey of discovery using memory, personal photographs, archival footage, and interviews that puts the pieces of her life back together.

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