10.01.2020 at 7PM | SIFTMedia 215 DIY Artivist Workshop

Thursday October 1, 2020, 7pm EST

Registration Link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-siftmedia-215-diy-artivist-workshop-tickets-121276785129

Join Sabaah Folayan, Producer/Director of WHOSE STREETS? for this unique workshop

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For many of us, 2020 has been a wakeup call to become more active and more vocal about the change we would like to see. Whether you are a video activist or documentarian, a student, an organizer, or a community journalist, if your call to action takes the form of documentation and videography, then this workshop is for you.

The SIFTMedia 215 DIY Artivist Workshop will empower, inform, and engage filmmakers of all skill levels to pick up their cameras and document our society’s turmoil with confidence, safety, and creativity. Led by Sabaah Folayan, the producer and director of WHOSE STREETS?, we will take a deep dive into effectively covering protests and high-stress situations during times of social unrest. Foloyan will draw upon her experiences to inform attendees of best practices and practical solutions to possible protest production issues.

Providing historical context and current concerns to the conversation will be Alile Sharon Larkin, a member of the LA Rebellion, Nadine Patterson, SIFT founder and documentarian, and Nasya Jenkins, an emerging Philadelphian filmmaker.

SIFTMedia 215 Artivist Workshop will address:

  • how to stay safe during the CoVid pandemic
  • how to stay out of harm’s way and get good footage during protests
  • ethical guidelines regarding protestors, police, etc.
  • how to obtain press passes
  • practical filming tips for how to cover a protest
  • conducting interviews on the go
  • practical equipment for small, mobile production
  • anticipating and addressing legal considerations

If you are interested in taking the workshop, please send your name and a brief project description to siftmedia215@gmail.com, with SIFTMedia 215 Live Artivist Workshop in the subject header. It helps if we know the needs of the attendees ahead of time.

About the instructor: Sabaah uses visual media to bring a hopeful yet unflinching perspective to the urgent questions of our time. Born in Los Angeles, raised on Maui, and educated in New York City, Sabaah has thrived in vastly different environments. She attended Columbia University as a premedical student and graduated with a degree in biology. Outside-the-box thinking and passion for social good then drew her to the non-profit and grassroots sectors where she honed strategic planning and community organizing skills before becoming a filmmaker. A truth-teller whose centers love and compassion in pushing for radical change, Sabaah Folayan made her directorial debut at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival with the feature-length documentary WHOSE STREETS?

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