07.02.2020 at 8PM | LoqueeshaAshleyFranklinJoseBrown, On The JOB with Lani Lou, & Thug

Thursday, July 2, 2020, 8:00 pm

Work that speaks to the youth experience, resilience, and aspiration.

LoqueeshaAshleyFranklinJoseBrown (18 min, 2001)  dir. by Nadine Patterson.  An experimental documentary about children in Philadelphia, with poetry written and performed by Ursula Rucker.

On The JOB with Lani Lou (6 min, 2016) dir. by Tatiana Bacchus. Young host, Lani, is uncovering some of the coolest things about NASCAR from driver Bubba Wallace.

Thug (21 min, 2020) dir. by Bettina Escauriza. After a chance encounter, a mother stalks the boy accused of bullying her son.

Join us for a Q & A with the filmmakers and a discussion centered around caring for young people during these crazy times of COVID-19 and the protests against police brutality and societal racism. Poet Ursula Rucker will attend.